brAInstorm: Intelligent Assistance in Group Idea Generation


In order to generate valuable innovations, it is important to come up with potential beneficial ideas. A well-known method for collective idea generation is Brainstorming and with Electronic Brainstorming, individuals can virtually brainstorm. However, an effective Brainstorming facilitation always needs a moderator. In our research, we designed and implemented a virtual moderator that can automatically facilitate a Brainstorming session. We used various artificial intelligence functions, like natural language processing, machine learning and reasoning and created a comprehensive Intelligent Moderator (IMO) for virtual Brainstorming.

International Conference on Design Science Research in Information Systems
Dr. Timo Strohmann
Dr. Timo Strohmann
Creator of the site & Postdoctoral researcher

I created this site to share knowledge and experiences about the research method Design Science Research with scientists and interested people.

Dr. Dominik Siemon
Dr. Dominik Siemon

I conduct Design Science Research to create novel artifacts in a creative and innovative way, which can solve challenges in our digital society.

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